Tired of paying away most of your commissions?

We started Recruiter Hub to help people recruiters like you strike out on their own. We simplify admin so you can do what you do best–recruiting.

Earn more

You've got your clients and candidates. Why pay away over half of your commissions?

Hassle free

We take care of all the admin and finance overhead so you can focus on what you do best – recruiting


Our founders will mentor you in your journey so you don't have to make the same mistakes

"When I struck out on my own it took close to 9 months before I received my first paycheque. Between waiting for incorporation, bank accounts, and licensing I couldn't even call clients for the first few months – nevermind waiting for clients to pay.”

Mark Francis, founder of 2 recruitment firms

Why do I need Recruiter Hub?

Let's face it, setting up your own business is a lot of work. We eliminate all that hassle so you can start earning fees ASAP.

Employment Agent License

Use our license – you don't need to make the application, oath, or worry about renewals

Managed Finances

We'll give you a bank account, do your accounting, and even invoice clients for you

Legals & Business Admin

We'll incorporate your company with corp sec, and provide you with legal templates for use with your clients

Invoice Financing

You get paid the moment you place – no need to wait for your client to settle their invoice


We'll build your website and give you software to manage your clients and candidates

Branding & Design

You've got to look the part – we'll do a full branding exercise with you from logo to business cards

Start your business today

You're only a week away from having your business fully up and running.

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